January 9, 2012

Things Cooler Than I am This Week

I'm bracing for the heat wave tomorrow and hope Saffy will cope with the QLD weather. I'm also hoping my area stays out of fire danger - two fun things to keep an eye out for! Here's some cool things to think of tomorrow Brisbane...

Ice Sculptures
(like this one from Party Snow)

Ice Skating at Rockefeller Cenbtre

Ice Cream

Swimming Pools


  1. a heatwave sounds lovely! Saffy will be needing lots of ice cream to keep her cool :) weve been having a very mild winter so far but it's forecast to get very cold after the weekend, not looking forward to it, specially if it snows! :) xx

  2. I'd love some snow right now ;)It's meant to hit 36 degrees today and it was 93% humidity last night - too hot to sleep.


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