February 29, 2012

Completion of February Photo a Day Challenge

Thank you to Chantelle and her blog Fat Mum Slim for a great February challenge and challenge it was towards the end, due to a sudden bout of food poisioning. I love the idea you've brought forth and had a great time taking part in it. I wish everyone taking part in March's challenge all the best. Here's the last of my photos from February 'Photo a Day' challenge:

Day 24 (of 29) Challenge - Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet

Some essentially every girl needs

Day 25 (of 29) Challenge - Green

A hamper I put together for a friend's housewarming
(hope she's not reading this blog right now :p)

Day 26 (of 29) Challenge - Night

Another completed project

Day 27 (of 29) Challenge - Something You Ate

Something new and delicious that looked too tempting in store.

Day 28 (of 29) Challenge - Money

Everyone owns their own change bowl, right?

Day 29 (of 29) Challenge - Something You're Listing To

So in love with this album from Florence & The Machine right now

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on finishing! I failed sometime around the mid-way mark. I can't photograph to order it seems. I was hard enough trying to take a photo a day for a week last week with my scarves.


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