March 18, 2012

A Weighty Issue

2012 was going to be different. It was going to be the year of change, the chance to maintain a healthier body weight and lifestyle. The only problem so far...I'm failing dismally!!! So in a sheer attempt of desperation to help my motivation, I am now taking to my blog.

Image by Alan Cleaver

I don't like discussing weighty issues but once again, this post is written in an attempt to be truthful to myself and gain inspiration from others. So in attempt to be truthful, I will share the following with you:
  • I currently weigh in at 66kg, 6-8 kilos heavier than I was at school but less than the start of the year...we won't even go there
  • I was around 60kg at the time of my wedding 3 years ago, so what went wrong?
  • I am a size 11 but should be at least a 10
  • BMI of 24.2, on the edge of the healthy weight range
  • My excerise rountine involves occasionally walking the dog

Now for my goals:

  • To lose approximately 6 kilos
  • To lessen my sugar intake, this includes cutting back on lollies, chocolate and coffee
  • To try to abide more by the food pyramid
  • To reduce my BMI to around 20.2 to 22
  • To try to do more muscle related exercises and be a lot more active

So tonight, I say goodbye to delicious meals such as Eggs Benedict, as made this morning and cupcakes such as the St. Patrick's Day ones I made yesterday (both illustrated below) and hello to healthier alternatives.


  1. You will do it!... its one of those things, the more healthier you eat the less you crave all the other sugary stuffs. Its sounds like you have finally committed! Btw those Eggs Benedict look scrumptious!

    1. Thanks Rachael. Off to a good start today - yoghurt with museli and a couple of blueberries and lunch pita bread with tuna and salad, in addition to 1/2 an apple. Now just have to figure out dinner.

  2. Good Luck Rach! Very strong minded of you. And putting something on your blog does mean that it sort of nags at you. I promised to do it, so it must happen. You're better than me. I haven't weighed myself since I got my wisdom teeth out and have no idea about my BMI.


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