April 3, 2012

Foreign Films

Do you enjoy watching foreign films? I do every now and then, provided I'm not feeling tired and can pay attention to the subtitles.

Just for something different, my friend and I headed out to see a German film last night called 'Vincent Wants to Sea', which is about a 27 year old man who has tourette's syndrome and has just lost his mother. His father puts him in an institution, where he makes friends with Alexander (a man with OCD) and Marie (a woman with anorexia). Whilst it is definitely a drama, it has its humourous moments. I really enjoyed it. You can view the trailer with English subtitles here:

So after whinging to my friend last night that the weight loss wasn't going so well (even though clothes were looser and I needed a belt with jeans), I got on the scales this morning and am now under the 65kg mark - woohoo! Five kilos to go to reach my first ideal goal weight. Hope I can keep this up...Easter is going to be a real challenge.

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