June 21, 2012

Lady Gaga Concert Review

When I first heard of Lady Gaga years ago, I remember thinking 'who is this woman who has come up with such a weird name for herself and dresses in such an odd fashion. She'll never make it big.' I am happy to admit now that I was wrong and 'different' is memorable.

Along with her other 'little monsters', I attended her concert in Brisbane last Thursday night and it was truly an amazing experience. You would go to one of her shows to see her stage presence, let alone the dancers and singing and yes, the girl can sing! She is very talented and I still can't believe she's my sister's age. I must give her credit for the energy and enthusiasm she brings to each show and the tributes she pays to her fans.

What I love about Lady Gaga concerts is that she makes everyone feel welcomed and loved, no matter what race, age or gender you are. However, if you do decide to attend one of her concerts you must be prepared for a bit of open sexuality and to see attendees wearing some wacky outfits. I had a ball attending with my sister and here's a few more photos (sorry about the pixelation from my phone). Thanks to my husband and sister for pitching in for my ticket, as a 2012 birthday present.

The crowd at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre

 The amazing castle with hideholes for band members

The strange talking head throughout the Show

 Lady Gaga in one of her many outfits for the show
With a couple of her dancers

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