June 27, 2012

Which Generation are you from?

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At the end of last week my husband asked me what the current generation being born was called and I unfortunately couldn’t tell him. I was appalled at my lack of knowledge as a Marketer and decided to look it up. 10 points if you knew the answer was the Alpha Generation.
I myself am from the Y Gen and hate the connotations associated with it. I do not consider myself lazy or someone who spends frivolously and I am happy to state I moved out of home at the ripe age of 20, so I don’t know why they say that the Y Gen is all about sponging off their parents.

Here’s a little more information about the Generations currently out there:
Baby Boomers
- Born between 1946 & 1964 (after WWII)
- Golden Boomers are Baby Boomers who have already retired
- Have a strong work ethic
- Confident, reliant, independent
- Goal-oriented and competitive
Generation X
- Born between 1965 and 1980
- Resourceful and self-sufficient
- Values freedom and responsibility
- Ambitious but enjoy a good work/life balance
- Want to accomplish things on their own terms
Generation Y
- Born 1981 to late 90s
- Also known as Generation We
- Tech Savvy and plugged in 24/7
- Prioritise family over work
- Attention seeking (this is the one I disagree with :p)
- Achievement and team oriented
Generation Z
- Born around the late 20th century / beginning of 21st century
- Have spent their lives knowing the internet
- Known as digital natives, for their digital connectivity
- Also known as Gen M(multi-tasking) & Gen C(connectivity)
- Cynical, disengaged but compassion
Alpha Generation
- Born from 2010
- First full generation to be born in the new millennium
- Expected to be job-fickle
- May succumb to the risks associated with technology e.g. obesity
- Little known about this generation, as it’s still very new in the minds of others

So where do you fit in above? Do you agree with what they’re saying about your generation or remain indifferent?


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