September 18, 2012

Wedding No. 1

My beautiful, younger sister got married over the weekend to her partner of 9 years, so I thought I'd share some memorable (and pretty) photos of their day with you. These photos are more so for my mum than anything, as she doesn't have a facebook yet.

The view from level Brisbane's Meriton Apartments the afternoon before

 The view was just as good at night

Bridal bouquets

 The beautifully decorated reception tables
The bride and groom on their big day
 Il Centro's famous Sand Crab Lasagne for entree
 Swordfish for main

 Creme Brulee for dessert, which I may have already taken a
bite out of
 Hubby and self at the reception

How stunning is the dress!
 Mum trying out some moves on the dance floor

Wedding number 2 (also as bridesmaid) for one of my 'besties' is next weekend. I'm really excited about that one too! All this delicious food and drink too, mmm! Good thing I''m eating healthy and exercising at the moment.

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