October 13, 2012

Taken 2 Review

With nothing better to do on a Saturday night, Hubby and self decided to visit the local cinema complex last night and see Taken 2. We managed to get one free ticket through Cinebuzz but still ended up paying $18.50 (booking fee included) for an adult ticket for a 90 minute movie. Is it just me or does that seem a bit steep?

If you've never heard of Taken 2, here's the official trailer...

We both loved the first 'Taken' movie but had low expectations going into the 2nd one, after hearing poor reviews. Unfortunately, the reviews were correct in this instance. The storyline follows from the last movie and there there are a number of holes in the plot. You are left wondering how did the movie suddenly jump to here and why didn't they show this. I was left feeling disappointed after paying $18.50 for one ticket and would recommend this one as a DVD rental.

On a more positive note my Sunday morning has started with a trip to the Banneton Bakery, where the food is always fresh and amazing. I will have a long walk to go on this afternoon after sampling their almond croissant, apricot and pistachio danish and raspberry brioche. I'll leave your mouth watering with this image.


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