November 15, 2012

Giving at Christmas

My Nanna taught me from a young age the generous act of giving to those less fortunate than yourself at Christmas and the joy you can bring to others, even if you don't get to experience it (or see it for yourself). Every year my Nanna would selflessly donate a gift or two to the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal and since her passing my sister and I have continued to take up the cause.

This year however is slightly different. Whilst my husband and I are still giving to the same worthy benefactor (The Salvation Army), my husband's workplace has distributed recyclable shopping bags with a list of items to fill them with for the homeless. We have almost filled a bag but there's one more item that must go in before my husband takes it back and that's a Christmas pudding - a must for everyone's Christmas.

Do you have any worthy charities you donate to at Christmas or any special Christmas acts you take up annually to support a good cause?  

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