February 21, 2013

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

I am seeing my side of the family tonight and wanted a cheeky way of revealing the gender of the baby to them, without it being obvious from word go...so I baked cupcakes! I may have stolen the idea from this great blog article - http://prettyhungrygirl.wordpress.com/2011/09/25/a-very-revealing-dessert/ The only difference is her cupcakes look a lot prettier because I am still to master this icing thing. I think I'm going to try using cream cheese next time.

The idea is for family members to choose a pink or blue baby shower favour and stick it in their cupcake and then cut through the cupcake to see if they're right or not. It's really just a bit of fun for a Friday night.

Here's the before shot...

I had to laugh this morning because hubby thought I'd just baked a pile of regular cupcakes and didn't understand why they were getting yellow cupcakes. Little did he know that there was a surprise inside.

 The second and third batch for extended family and coworkers definitely worked better, don't you think?


  1. You're having so much fun with the gender of this baby aren't you!

    1. Maybe :p. I enjoy hearing what people think it is...only cause I now know the truth :). What's your guess lovely lady?


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