August 19, 2013

The Glass Menagerie

I won't lie, the first four weeks of motherhood have been hard and a steep learning curve. So when my sister-in-law offered darling husband and I a night out and free tickets to her play, we jumped at the chance. It felt a bit odd leaving bub in the hands of someone else for a couple of hours but we did make the most of our time out of the house. We visited the Craft Restaurant and Bar for Tapas before heading out to see The Glass Menagerie, playing at the La Boite Theatre Company. 
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The Glass Menagerie is a four-character play, originally written by Tennessee Williams. It is based on the story of southern mother called Amanda, who has been abandoned by her husband to raise her two kids. Amanda seeks gentlemen callers for her mentally ill daughter, Laura and asks Laura's younger brother, Tom to find a suitable caller at work to bring home and meet Laura. Unfortuantely Laura's situation has meant that she had become a bit of a recluse, who stays at home listening to her records and playing with her glass menagerie.

La Boite does a great rendition of the play. The set design is quite dramatic but very time appropriate, particularly in the 2nd half of the play. The only negative was perhaps the difference in southern accents put on by the actors in the play.

The Glass Menagerie is playing at the La Boite Theatre Company until the 31st August. I'd recommend it for a good night out.      

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