October 14, 2013

Fill 'Er Up!

Until last week, I was one of those mothers who had an instant dislike for anyone who told me that their child was sleeping through the night...especially if their child was younger than my own. Once again, I found myself questioning what I was doing wrong and why I was the one up feeding every 2 hours when these other mothers got to sleep. After discussion with my mother's group, I found the solution - tank feeding!

Image from babycentre.com

Now you may ask what tank feeding is - I certainly did. It is when you feed your child often over a short period of time to tank them up. This is more commonly known as cluster feeding. To ensure a harmonious night's sleep for all, I now feed on the hour for three hours in a row, commencing at 5:30pm. The last feed is the longest one and has my little one drifting off soon after. It may have taken a few days to kick in and work into our daily routine but I'm happy to state it really works. I am now one of three mothers in my mother's group who uses this technique.

Here's to tanking up!

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