November 10, 2013

People with no kids don't know...

This is the name of my new favourite, YouTube video. The video centres around UK comedian, Michael McIntyre speaking of his children and what life is like for people without kids. Here it is for your enjoyment:


I have posted this on my blog today because I have come to realise it's true - people with no kids, have no idea. Since having a child, I have found myself apologising to friends who already had kids because I felt I could have done more for them than I did at the time - I had no idea!

The video also does well in summing up how I'm feeling lately. I'm suddenly finding myself left off invite lists or getting a secondary look in from friends. Maybe my friends think that they're doing us a favour by not inviting us out or maybe they think we're now stuck at home because we have a baby. Either way, it would still be nice to get an invite, as at least one of us can attend and relax a little. So to my friends who have continued to invite me to things, thank you for giving me the option to say yes!

1 comment:

  1. I have the exact feeling too. People either don't want to hang out because I pull the fun down by feeling unwell, or they think I wouldn't be able to do something anyway, so assume not inviting me would be best! Although having to turn down an invite is frustrating, it is much more saddening to feel left out and forgotten!
    I'm sure everyone will adjust now that you have a bub, and realise that an invite is best; that way you know you're loved, and can decide yourself whether it is feasible or not! xo


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