December 10, 2011

Japanese BBQ Anyone?

If you haven't been to Koh-Ya in Brisbane, then I feel that you've missed out on a life experience - cooking your own Japanese food in a restuarant! For $39.95 and all you can eat, it's one of the best meals I've had in a while. You are allocated 90 minutes to cook and eat your food. The image below is representative of the table we were seated at last night but there are smaller tables for reservation too. The process is simple - you order plates of food and cook the food on your BBQ 'plate' (the round circles below) using the tongs provided.

Thanks must go to Re (the birthday girl) for choosing such a wonderful place to visit and experience. Highlights of the night for me were:
  • The boys' food catching on flame - don't worry, water is provided so the restaurant doesn't burn down
  • Re getting her own Happy Birthday production (from all staff present) with green tea ice-cream as a gift and the whole table being high fived by staff members in celebration. This of course was not complete with the santa hats, sparklers, music and dimming of the lights.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Rachael! It is pretty delicious, right? Also, I'm loving your new blog! :)

  2. Orrrrrr, you can go up near the step in to the "Japanese Korean BBQ" pay about $24, and eat all you want with no time limit

  3. But then there's no challenge :p.


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