February 23, 2012

Love Vs. Money

Love versus money is something that most people don't even have to question but there is always those few who may have to consider it for financial or emotive reasons. This bring me to my post today about my beautiful 7 month old labrador, Saffy.

A Shaven Dog after Procedures Yesterday

Saffy is a gorgeous, loving puppy and completely normal, aside from her ectopic ureter and possible weak sphincter. She is a member of our family and life wouldn't be the same without her but as my first pet, I do find myself questioning what if we'd picked a different dog from word go (what if we didn't have to go through all these issues). It just shows that sometimes it comes down to love. Saffy was the one who stood out from the pack that day and we chose each other.

Saffy was officially diagnosed with this issue yesterday after an ultrasound and dye test. It is something a dog is born with and must be operated on to be fixed. It is not that common but more prevalent in labradors and female dogs. You may notice it by the dog leaking or wet patches when they get up from a spot. However, as a puppy it's harder to tell if it's just from excitement or something else. If you want more information, you can read about it here: http://www.vetsurgerycentral.com/ectopic_ureter.htm just beware if you're squeamish.

We were told by a vet the other day that quite a few owners actually put their dogs down before they reach the point Saffy has due to future costs. We love Saffy and would never consider but it isn't hard to understand why for those who can't afford it when you consider regular vet visits up to this point - $100 to $200, specialist consultations - $100 to $200, exploratory procedures - $1500 and the surgery (a couple of thousand) before you even consider desexing the dog. None of this is covered by insurance either, as it's a pre-existing issue. So if you don't have money saved away, you better have some nice people to give you a loan. Having a kid would be cheaper at this rate!

I would love to hear your point of view on the above.

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  1. Hi Rachael, I'm new to your blog and just came across the post, even though I know it's a few months old now. I hope Saffy is doing well. She looks like such a beautiful loving dog. It's good that you raised this issue because a lot of people don't consider the potential costs of vet bills when they first get a puppy. Even if they are 100% healthy to begin with, as they get older, they can start to have problems, and accidents can happen at any time. I wish more folks would think of this before getting a pet because there is nothing worse than putting an animal down simply because the money isn't there to help them. It's the main reason I decided not to become a vet, because I just knew I woudn't be able to deal with this every day.
    My own little dog ended up costing me thousands in her later years, as she required two cruciate ligament repairs, and later on, medication for arthritis. But she gave me 12 amazing years and was the most beautiful soul I have ever known and if I could, I would pay it over again tenfold if it meant I could have just one more day with her.
    I desperately want to get another dog now, but unfortunately, I just can't afford it. Certainly I could afford the initial cost and desexing etc, but I'm not in a position to afford more than that, and I can't bring myself to get a pet when I know I can't take full responsibility for it and do the very best for it. I just wish everyone else felt the same way.
    Pet care can be expensive, but in the long term, it is still heaps cheaper than raising kids!
    I think you are wonderful for doing the best for your little dog and I know she will reward you richly for it!

    1. Dyani, thank you so much for reading my blog and for your message above. We were asked on the weekend at a Million Paws Walk if we had to do it all over again, would we and the answer was simple - yes. We love Saffy with all our heart and wouldn't swap her. I think you're doing the right thing and waiting until you have the money to look after a dog. It's never an easy decision to own a pet but they do bring a lot of love to your life, as you said. I was very happy to attend the walk on the weekend and try to help RSPCA with some much needed funding.


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