February 20, 2012

Tomorrow is Pancake Day!!!

I was excited to learn this afternoon that tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday and worldwide Pancake Day!!! I am now trying to work out if I make pancakes for dessert tomorrow evening, as I'm totally unprepared presently i.e. the pantry does not have the correct ingredients. These images look delicious...
The Traditional Maple Syrup Look
(Photo from http://groupon.com.au)

Pancakes with Berries
(Photo from http://kidspot.com.au)

Nutella and Banana - sooo want to try this!
(Photo from http://photogrinder.com)

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the beautiful fish curry I just made for dinner...

March's photo challenge was posted today but I feel I can't keep this up, so February was definitely the month to try this challenge and I can't believe I haven't missed a day to date. Speaking of which, here's today photo challenge.

Day 20 (of 29) Challenge - Handwriting

This is one of my favourites quotes of late.

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