February 6, 2012

Monday Catch Up

The weekend just gone wasn't without drama (neighbour complaining about our beautiful dog for one thing) but thankfully I had other things to keep me occupied with positive thoughts like a wonderful birthday party to go to, a friend's engagement to celebrate and my February challenge of a photo a day...

Day 4 (of 29) Challenge - A Stranger

This photo was taken at the Limes Hotel, at my friends' joint birthday party. I loved the wall in the background too that says 'Excuse me whilst I kiss the skyy'.

Day 5 (of 29) Challenge - 10am

After not drinking much the night before, this was 10am on Sunday - hanging out the washing...riverting, yes I know!

Day 6 (of 29) Challenge - Dinner

I quite enjoyed today's challenge because it meant I got to make a dish I've been wanting to try since last week. It is a standard Asian stir-fry recipe but I added spinach, lamb and capsicum to it. A plus to the meal is that my husband actually liked it too - hurrah! It looks so colourful in the photo...which is what I was going for (and a wholesome meal of course).

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