April 23, 2012

Renovation Holiday

A couple years ago my husband and I would have spent our holidays travelling around Australia and to foreign shores. Now we seem to spend our holidays renovating and trying to get rooms in our house done, so we can sell our place and move onwards and upwards. So far, we have managed to complete a bathroom and bedroom, which isn't a lot in the space of two years. This year we aim to complete two bedrooms and possibly get started on the kitchen, depending on financials and time.

This week is being spent renovating the 2nd bedroom. Here's a few early pics for you. We're hoping to put up a stud wall today and possibly get onto some plastering.

Putting up plaster boards around the roof hatch

 The inside of the walk-in wardrobe

Wallpaper gone!

Do you take renovating holidays...or am I the only one?

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