April 18, 2012

Shannon Lush & Jennifer Flemming Books

If you've ever read the Spotless books by Shannon Lush & Jennifer Flemming, then you'll know who I'm on about.

I love my mother-in-law but she's very OCD when it comes to cleaning...which is how I first found out about the books. They give you great tips on cleaning and removing stains on items that you think will never come out.

Up until yesterday I didn't own one of their books but then I found out about Aldi's sale on Shannon Lush & Jennifer Flemming books and bought the above three books. Here's a brief overview of each book:

How to be Comfy - gives you household tips on decor and easy living for comfort.

Save Your money, your time, your planet - gives you tips on things you can recycle and reuse. It's great for crafty minded people like myself. 

Speed Cleaning - gives you time saving tips on how to keep your house clean. It's definitely for people like me who worry about mother-in-law drop ins. It also provides you with types of inexpensive cleaners you should be using for different tasks. You'd be surprised how useful white vinegar and bicarb can be!

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