May 20, 2012

A Week for Family

As our lives become increasingly busy and stressful, it is sometimes difficult to make time for the ones we love. This week, I have taken time out to ensure I spend some quality time with my loved ones. This included seeing my mother, grandmother and mother-in-law for mother's day, a night away with my husband and taking part in the Million Paws Walk with my beautiful labrador.

Our room at Royal on the Park

My husband and I celebrated three amazing years of marriage this week and I decided a couple of months ago that I wanted to do something special for it and keep it a surprise to him. With thanks to Wotif's $12 birthday sale, I was able to find an amazing deal for a room in the city and book dinner at Moda restaurant, which was right around the corner. Hubby unfortunately doesn't like surprises much and was initially very confused when I took a different turn to our usual drive home. 
He initially thought I was taking him to the movies but then I drove past there, then he thought he was going to a musical with me but then I drove past there and it wasn't until I entered the hotel district that he started to worry that he wasn't dressed for the occasion. Little did he know, I had a bag packed in the boot and a dogsitter on hand. I'm surprised he didn't pick up on my cleaning activity at home, as it was moreso than usual.

Moda was amazing for dinner and dessert. We had a very courteous waiter and mouthwatering food. Here's a sample of what I had...

White Chocolate Mousse with a Passionfruit top and Raspberries

I woke up this morning to a very excitable labrador licking my face. It's funny how animals pick up on things sometimes - it was almost as if she knew something different was going to happen today. It was a nice start to the day and I felt great for helping the RSPCA raise some much needed funds.

A friend with her dog and hubby with our chocolate lab

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