July 22, 2012

When Technology Ruins Traditional Experiences

Image from appadvice.com

I took my 10 year old niece to the cinemas yesterday to see Ice Age 4 but was quite frankly appalled and freaked out by a guy sitting two seats down from me (my niece was on the other side of me). So what was it that annoyed me so?

He took it upon himself to use his iPad and iPhone (whilst in the cinema) for the duration of the film. It ruined my cinema experience and I couldn't concentrate on the film. I think iPads should be banned in the cinema (due to the amount of light they give off), just like mobile phones are meant to be...but that didn't stop this guy. All I can say is that it was inconsiderate and he was clearly bored and shouldn't have been watching the film at it.


  1. I HATE this! So incredibly annoying and inconsiderate. Like they're in a little cubicle where so one else can see their phone. Ergh. You should have said something. But I know I would have been too chicken to say speak up, really.

    There was a related article in the Brisbane Times this week, did you see it? http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/lifestyle/life/the-antisocial-network-20120720-22ep2.html

  2. Yes, I was too chicken too :(. Thanks for the article link, I hadn't seen it and couldn't agree more with it. I do think technology is also causing anti-socialism...she says replying to a blog comment :p. I'm trying harder to put away the mobile when eating out.


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