August 5, 2012

Do You Wear Ugg Boots Outside?

I love my Ugg Boots but would never wear them out and thought it was a little wrong seeing someone wearing them in the city this morning over jeans. They were fuschia in colour too, not discreet by any means. So my question to you is, do you wear them on outings? Here's what has to say about when to wear them.

Being from Australia and not living in a ridiculously cold climate, I don't agree with wearing Ugg Boots on outings but do believe in wearing them with PJ pants and sweat/trackpants - they are meant to be for pyjamas (they are a form of slipper), so the video made no sense to me. At a 'sleepover party' over the weekend, there were several girls wearing them and we all had on our PJ pants.

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