October 30, 2012

Ferrari F1 Cake

A friend of mine celebrated his birthday over the weekend and another two of my friends hosted a party for him. I was asked to bring a cake, which is an easy enough task but I decided to challenge myself a bake a cake. My head then went to thinking about all the types of things this friend likes and the answer that kept popping up was F1 racing. I did a bit of research and got an understanding for F1 birthday cakes and how they're made - with fondant, sponge, rice krispies and buttercream. Four different recipes but the final product definitely made it worth it. Here's the process I went through, with the help of my darling husband. More photos to come when my phone decides to email them to me!!!

 Shaping the sponge into an F1 car
 Covering the sponge with red marshmallow fondant
 The finished product

We even managed a figurine from Halo

On an unrelated note but related food note, I am really excited by a new cafe in my area that is opening soon. I can't wait to have coffee at my doorstep. I am crossing my fingers it will be good coffee!


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