October 21, 2012

A scorcher of a weekend

Whilst Victoria may still be enjoying some cooler (miserable) weather, Queensland has been very dry and hot of late. This was evidenced by several bush fires occurring over the weekend. I have been secretly hanging out for some rain, just so the lawn can appear a little bit greener. The electrical storm we received last night does not count! It did however manage to freak me out at one point because the light was so bright, I thought someone was shining a torch into my place. Thunder followed, as did a sigh of relief.

I often spare a thought for the animals in this heat and them having to cope with our humid days. It is for this reason, that we often give our labrador ice in her water bowl over spring and summer. We splurged on her a little bit this weekend and bought her a paddling, shell pool and a big ball (she is used to playing with smaller, tennis balls that she can wrap her teeth around). The new basketball-like ball was therefore a bit of a challenge. Here's a picture of her playing with her new toys.

I have also been trying harder to be healthier with this hot weather. Dinner last night was watermelon juice and a pasta salad. They may not go together well but boy did they ever taste delicious! What did you cook on the weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Salad looks yum! PS we have the same clam shells - that's Chubs' sandpit!


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