January 14, 2013

Booking childcare before you're trying to conceive

I apologize in advance if my blog suddenly turns into a forum that talks about baby issues from time to time.

I am 15 weeks pregnant this week and have the daunting task of looking into which childcare centres (already) to send my child to. Now you'd think that 15 weeks would be a good time to start looking into that sort of thing, 6 months an even better time but 2 years before you're looking to place the child in a nursery - that's ridiculous and yet that's how long the waiting lists are for some centres and I'm being told not to bother.

Essentially it means you are meant to put your name down on the list before you're even trying to conceive. Who plans that far in advance? Apparently, I don't. I really hate the idea that childcare centres are allowed to do this nowadays because it means parents out there that do need childcare sooner are being overlooked and have no chance of getting their child in. As it is, I've put my name down for centres that are approximately 20km from my house in the hope that one of them says yes. 

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