January 21, 2013

Master Bedroom Renovations

Well with bub due in July, the master bedroom renovations are well and truly underway. We got a bit done over the Christmas period and hope to be finished mid-late February. It's hard when you can only work on weekends and some of them are taken away by your darling husband's work wanting him to fly out of the country!

The aim is to finish the master bedroom, move our stuff from the 2nd bedroom into the master bedroom and then move things from the study to the 2nd bedroom, to turn the study into a nursery.

Here's the surface we started with, after we removed the lovely mustard yellow, printed wallpaper that was in the room.

We then added some bulkheads to hide fluro lighting and wiring for pendant lights, a cupboard area and space for a TV, if desired.

Once this was in place, we started the dredded job of plastering.

This was followed by painting and this image shows where we're at presently.

Next will be staining the wood and painting these cupboard doors. This photo was taken before painting the walls.

1 comment:

  1. looking good so far, can't wait to see it finished! dont you get doing too much though!! x


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