March 24, 2013

Baby Room Done and Dusted

After finishing the master bedroom last weekend, this weekend was devoted to getting the baby's room done and moving the study to the old bedroom space. This involved a trip to IKEA, a trip to Baby Bunting, darling husband moving furniture and lots of allen keys. The end result was a constructed cot, change table and chest of drawers, in addition to putting together two new study chairs and a desk. The study is still a work in progress but here's some photos of the baby's room. All that's missing are some paintings and blinds.

 Very happy with the end result

  Already spoilt with choice thanks to rellies and friends

The picture that facebook didn't get to see, as gender is more obvious


  1. wow you're so organised! and your babys not even born yet and already has more toys to play with than Tahlia! She's more interested in being a madam anyway though :) looking forward to seeing more pics complete with baby! xx

  2. It looks great Rach. Well done both of you! I love the chair and foot stool.

  3. Thanks Gemmas :). The rocking chair and stool is one of my favourite items. The toys are all pretty much from the baby's older cousins.


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