March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter 2013 is better summed up with imagery, rather than words and so the story goes...

Easter Saturday

I made some treats for brunch

 My friend's brunch and her gorgeous decorations

  Can't wait until I can eat smoked salmon again

 The girl definitely knows how to put on a good spread

Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny had been and left eggs scattered on the lawn

 The kids went searching for eggs

 The spoils were then divided amongst four

 Upon arrival to mum's Easter celebrations

 Hanging eggs
 Cute Easter bunnies
Easter cupcakes


  1. What a crafty and talented bunch you hang out with! All looks fantastic and fun...and yummy! Happy Easter!

  2. Easter Egg hunts are The Best Fun! You're never too old to enjoy them.


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