March 1, 2013

Big Nursery Decisions

For all the first time mothers-to-be out there, you will find some of the biggest ticket items you will have to purchase are associated with the nursery. I have been lucky enough to obtain a hand-me-down rocking chair and stool from my sister-in-law but still have to worry about items such as the cot and changetable. Whilst you would think such items are an easy choice and you can purchase them anywhere, think again. You should really be thinking about the safety of your child, the functionality of these items and them adhering to Australian standards, which I personally consider important (and my friend who works in risk management would be happy to hear about). 

My cousin had her baby shower last weekend and let others know that she had bought a Boori cot. Before this point, I hadn't even looked into cots and had no idea about things such as teething rails for cots! With much to learn, I headed to the Choice website, a website regarding Australian standards for cots and product review websites. The one cot that kept coming up in the top 5 was the Boori. So after much review, I too have chosen to purchase a Boori Cot and Changetable. I am not going to bother with the Bassinet, as I have already purchased a Bassinet cot insert from a friend to use for the first couple of weeks. The Cot and Changetable are big purchase decisions (we are lucky to have family members putting money towards them) and not cheap but I think it's worth it, especially considering we are planning to have another child down the track. Here's the cot and changetable we are going to purchase (once again I apologise to those reading this blog and thinking oh great, another baby story):


White Boori Country Classic Cot

White Boori Classic Change Table

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