April 10, 2013

Cuteness for Your Thursday

I found this one snuggled up on our bed last night. I believe a certain husband may have allowed her to jump up there before I came to bed last night. Thought I'd share this little bit of cuteness with you on this Thursday.

So today I have officially reached the scary, third trimester. I am now 27 weeks, with 13 left to go! I have started antenatal classes this week too. 

I also did my gestational diabetes test yesterday for pregnancy, which measures sugar levels in your blood. It's unfortunately fairly common to get gestational diabetes in pregnancy, so I have my fingers crossed that all the Easter chocolate hasn't effected things.

It's not the most pleasant of tests when pregnant because you have to fast from 10pm the night before (hello pregnant woman NOT eating) and then stay at the medical centre for 2 hours during testing. They take a blood sample initially, then make you drink this wonderful concoction below and take two more blood samples from you on the hour. That equals three needles, nauseousness and 2 hours of your life you're not getting back. Results aren't given straight away either, so I have a nervous wait until next week.    

1 comment:

  1. ugh - the glucose tolerance test. I spewed during it, that sdring was gross. hope the results were ok.


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