May 13, 2013

Almost 32 Weeks!!!

This Thursday marks the 32 week point in my pregnancy, which is a little scary. It means there are only 8 weeks left until bub comes. At the same time, that is a very exciting prospect for darling husband and self. This also means that things are starting to come to a close like my antenatal classes.

The 6 week course, which was run by a lovely midwife at the hospital (and thankfully covered by BUPA), ended last night. It was an eye-opening 6 weeks and I would definitely recommend an antenatal course for first time mothers. I found it very useful and if nothing else, it gave me reassurance that darling husband is now be up to speed and can give me a hand with things once the baby is born.  We were told to bring a plate last night to celebrate, so I made mini cupcakes with a cream cheese icing (Australian made cheese) and caramel chico babies.

I also wanted to give a quick plug to 'Starts with Legs'. I have been fortunate enough to be part of a maternity trial via Kidspot for their French Gerbe tights and was very excited when these beautiful packages arrived via courier late last week. These have to be the most comfortable maternity tights I've worn. They have a nice thick denier, heels built into the foot area and a waist belt to help keep them up.  


  1. your cakes look scrummy! Fab that you've got some great maternity tights, I had such a nightmare getting ones that fitted properly and didnt fall down (or cost the earth!) Can't believe you've only got 8 weeks to go! so excited for you :) xx

    1. Thanks Gem. Dr. said he was measuring longer than average this morning too - should be interesting! :).


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