January 15, 2014

Grocery shopping without hassle please

Being on maternity leave has led me to spend a lot of time at shopping centres and the local grocery store. I quite enjoy this outing, as it gets me (and bub) out of the house and into air conditioning. The local shopping centre often has groups who raise money for different charities or projects and whilst I usually have no objection to this, I do when volunteers hassle you. I think it says a lot about the charity they're supporting too and it just paints a poor image of them in the mind.

There was a particular charity at the shopping centre last week and whilst I want to name and shame them, I won't. My morning had been particularly bad with the little one and the last thing I wanted (or was expecting) was to be harrassed by volunteers. I just wanted to get in, do my grocery shopping and get out. I said no upon entry and was asked 'Excuse me' twice more on the way out (which I ignored). My point was if you ask me once and I said no, of course I'm going to ignore you if you ask twice more, especially when I had finally got my non-sleeping child to sleep.

I think it should be a rule that you can't hassle people in the shopping centre, this includes people selling beauty products.

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