May 18, 2014

Free Printable Baby Travel Pack List

Hubby and I are headed to a wedding in Northern Queensland at the end of next week and are taking our 10 month bub with us. It will be his first trip on a plane and our first real trip as a family anywhere. Whilst we are very excited about it, it also means a great deal of planning ahead and taking a lot of items with us. For instance, we need to park at the airport because a normal taxi doesn't accomodate a baby. We also have to hire a car and infant car seat at the other end of things. Thankfull the hotel is providing us with a cot.

I don't think I quite realised the extent of items I'd have to pack but I probably should have, considering I tend to take the kitchen sink with me everywhere. In a bid to be organised and help others, I have created the following baby pack list. Not all the items on it will be relevant to you and they're not all relevant to me but I wanted to include everything I could think of - I'm sure I'm missing some things.

Let me know if it helps you. I'd love feedback and what else I need to add to it. Hopefully you can download the image and scale it into a larger format in a Word document. Open to other ideas for upload for you.


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