February 19, 2012

My Sewing Skills are Improving

Slowly but gradually my sewing skills are improving. Last Friday was truly fabulous and a great example of this. I stumbled upon a gorgeous dress on sale. It was originally $99 and reduced right down to $20. However, when I tried it on I noticed it had a ripped side seam. This was when I thought of putting my bargaining and sewing skills to the test. After negotiations, I purchased the dress for only $8.03 and fixed the side seam that evening before going out to dinner with friends. Here's the end result - good as new!

With only 10 days of February left, here's an update on February photo a day...

The photo from day 16 is of the first dress I've managed to sew myself. I wore it to a friend's place night and I was impressed that some friends actually thought I bought it - result!

Day 17 is of the watch my sister gave me at Christmas from her travels in America and day 18 of the alcoholic beverage I was consuming at a friend's party, complete with spiderman picture. This brings me to today's shot...

Day 19 (of 29) Challenge - Something You Hate to Do

This one was easy - the dishes. It's always the last thing I feel like doing, especially when it's hot. The lack of dishwasher doesn't help either!

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