February 13, 2012

Safe House Movie Review

It's a rainy Saturday afternoon, so what's a girl to do other than go to the movies? The power of vito rules out chick flicks and horror movies, so you decide on a mutually agreeable movie with your parter, Safe House. You get there early for the 2pm session and then look at your tickets you just purchased to realise there was a 1:30pm screening and according to your tickets, you're now 10 minutes late. On the plus side, you enter the cinema just as they're showing the last couple of ads.

I personally liked the movie but as my husband pointed out, it was a bit like a Tom Clancy novel. It did have a nice twist towards the end but you always knew one of them had to be bad...without going into too much detail and spoiling things. Ryan Reynolds performance in it was fantastic and I can't believe how much younger Denzel Washington looks in the 2nd half of the movie, once again without spoiling it too much.

Here's the trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8hRkrhaeww&feature=fvst

Image from Vanity Fair

Now here's my continuation to the February photo challenge...

Day 9 (of 29) Challenge - Front Door

Our poor front door is in a horrible state. Admittedly, it wasn't in the best state when we first moved in but swelling from the heat has ruined some of the vinyl, when attempting to try to close the door.

Day 10 (of 29) Challenge - Self Portrait

I have so many friends that are better at taking self shots than I am but here's my attempt.

Day 11 (of 29) Challenge - Makes You Happy

Cider on a Saturday night at home.

Day 12 (of 29) Challenge - Inside Your Closet

A lot of empty hangers, needing clothes.

Day 13 (of 29) Challenge - Blue

A beautiful rainbow in a sky of blue

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