April 14, 2013

10 Weeks to Do Kitchen!

Hubby and I are now officially on a deadline to get the kitchen done, with bub due in around 12 weeks. Thankfully we are doing the kitchen in sections, so we will always have a working kitchen and it will be a good idea just in case we run out of funds or time.

We ordered the kitchen appliances over the Easter break and officially made a start to the renovations yesterday. We went to our friendly Swedish store, IKEA and bought some carcasses for the appliances, before coming home and ripping out the tiles from the dining area, where the new kitchen will be. Here's a before and after shot of the area. We still have a lot of nails to rip out and a large floorboards area to sand back, no thanks to the previous owners who must have decided is was a good idea to use an entire bucket of tile glue to stick down the tiles.

 The Before Shot
 No more tiles - note the playpen to keep the dog out (very useful!)


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  2. Good luck! By the progress you've made previously, I am sure you'll hit the 10 week goal out the park! ;-)


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